Cambridge’s Midsummer Fair is fast approaching

The Midsummer Fair in Cambridge is fast approaching ANL-140506-153545005
The Midsummer Fair in Cambridge is fast approaching ANL-140506-153545005

Hot dogs, toffee apples, warm candy floss, dodgems, roundabouts, ghost trains, rollercoasters - nothing beats the magic of the fair.

Everyone can remember the spell it cast as a child so why not re-live that experience and treat kids to a night out they’ll remember amongst the lights and excitement.

Enjoy one of the country’s biggest, best and oldest as Midsummer Fair returns to the city this month.

The ancient fair has been visiting Cambridge for centuries, making it the country’s oldest travelling fun fair. As well as being one of the oldest, it is also one of the largest, featuring all the rides associated with a traditional fun fair, and the very best white-knuckle rides.

Midsummer Fair has a fascinating history going back centuries.

It was granted a Royal Charter in 1211 by King John with money raised from the fair going to the Priory of Barnwell.

The Charter was confirmed by Henry III in 1229 and certified to be held on or near the feast of St Ethelreda and to this day the fair is traditionally opened with the Mayor throwing newly minted coins to the children of the town.

In the eighteenth century it was commonly known as the Pot Fair, due to the large amount of china on sale there and for many years was also a horse and cattle fair.

China is still widely sold at Midsummer Fair even now.

Many of the rituals associated with its early days live on.

The first day of the fair still sees the Mayor and other members of the Council, together with other civic dignitaries from throughout the region, continuing the tradition of parading and proclaiming the Fair open by scattering newly minted pennies to the crowd.

Come down at 6.30pm on the Wednesday for a truly special and historical spectacle.

Wednesday, June 18; 2.30pm to 11pm

Historical Opening Procession 6.30pm

Thursday, June 19; 5pm to 11pm

Friday, June 20; 2.30pm to 11pm

Saturday, June 21; midday to 11pm

Sunday, June 22; 2pm to 9pm

Monday, June 23; 5pm to 11pm

Monday, June 23; All Rides £1