Haverhill Echo ten years ago

Echo, August 5, 2004


A retired GP living in Linton was proving a key figure behind the success of a popular TV series, The Royal, set in a 1960s hospital.

Derek Lockstone, 69, was a medical adviser for the series and its sister programme, Heartbeat, drawing on his own experience to help scriptwriters to recreate hospital life from the 1960s, from authentic dialogue to realistic medical situations.

His role included reading confidential manuscripts and visiting the set of the show, which was filmed in Bradford.


Staff and colleagues at Haverhill Post Office said their goodbyes to Marion Shipp after 44 years of service as a postal worker.

Marion, 59, who lived in Stoke by Clare, joined the branch after leaving school.

Among the farewell gifts were a digital camera, some gardening vouchers and some money to buy a puppy to replace her beloved dog, which had died the previous week.

Marion said she would miss her colleagues, many of whom she had known for years, while assistant manager, Barry Robbins said Marion would be very sadly missed.