Haverhill housing and garage redevelopment to be revised

From left; Andy Batchelor, Lynn Jones and Barry Bishop are unimpressed with plans to build flats behind their homes in Parkside, Haverhill
From left; Andy Batchelor, Lynn Jones and Barry Bishop are unimpressed with plans to build flats behind their homes in Parkside, Haverhill

The clamour of disapproval provoked by proposals to redevelop five garage areas in Haverhill has led to the plans being sent back to the drawing board.

Such has been the reaction of people affected by the proposed flattening of 78 garages across the sites to make way for 27 new homes, that Havebury Housing Partnership will now look at alternative plans.

In one case - to knock down 12 garages in Ladygate and erect two bungalows - Havebury has decided to completely scrap the planning application.

Concerned residents were told of the decision - taken after a public consultation event at Haverhill Arts Centre on May 7 - at a meeting between themselves, Havebury representatives and town councillors Maureen Byrne and Roger Andre on Monday (12) evening at the Leiston Community Centre.

Following the meeting, Paul Edwards, director of resources at Havebury Housing Partnership said: “We are working our way through all the comments that have been made so far regarding the planning applications and Havebury will continue to work with St Edmundsbury Borough Council and our architects to revise the proposals.

“Havebury is trying to balance the needs of those living in the neighbourhoods with those people in housing need.

“We are also listening to the concerns about parking and, working with Suffolk County Council, will look to help address these in the new proposals.

“We are pleased that so many people turned out for Monday’s meeting and thank you to Cllr Byrne and Cllr Andre for organising and inviting us to attend.

“There will be a further consultation event taking place once we have revised plans available.”

Plans to knock down 15 garages and build seven one bedroom flats, with 15 garages beneath, in Orford Road, have been withdrawn and will be resubmitted at a later date.

The back garden fence of a number of Parkside residents, including Barry and Bridget Bishop, would have been just one metre from the 25ft high new buildings proposed.

Mr Bishop said: “I’m pleased that they have listened. This is going to go on because we have won the battle but we have not won the war.”

Plans to knock down 24 garages in Norton Road and build eight homes have gone back to be redesigned.

The demolition of ten garages and building of four homes in Nayland Road are to be reconfigured to allow more car parking spaces.

Proposals to build six new homes in Cambridge Way and flatten 17 garages will also undergo some minor amendments to include on-site parking.

Havebury hope to have the revised plans drawn up within two weeks.