Haverhill slimmer aims to inspire others

Naomi Sharrod
Naomi Sharrod

A woman who lost two stone in eight weeks is hoping to lose three more and inspire others to shed the pounds in 2013.

Naomi Sharrod, 25, from Thurlow, lost the weight after going with her mother to Slimming World in Haverhill.

Naomi Sharrod

Naomi Sharrod

Mother to four children – Finlay, six, Dylan, three, Amelia and Lily, both two – Namoi said they are the chief reason for her losing weight.

Since starting at Slimming World, which meets at the New Croft, she has dropped two dress sizes. Naomi runs Thurlow Stores and Thurlow Garage and lives in the village with husband Ray, 38.

Describing her inspiration for losing the weight, she said: “I saw a picture of myself my husband had taken and put on Facebook of me asleep and I looked like a beached whale.

“I also didn’t like my holiday pictures from the summer, and now I’m hoping to lose another three stone before September.

“I’d needed to lose weight for ages but just not had the will power – running a shop full of sweets is not helpful.

“I’ve done it more for the kids than anything else.”

Naomi said the group at Slimming World were supportive throughout her weight loss, and she bought a ‘count down’ – paying for a set number of weeks – to ensure she would keep attending.

“I got the count down so I’d have to go back for a few weeks as I’d already paid for it so I think that’s the way to go because you are more motivated.”

Naomi was treated to a make over last Friday by Slimming World consultant and team developer Tania Watson, with her hair done at DnA and her make up done at C and B Beautiful.

“It was really good and it made me feel human again,” added Naomi.

Tania said she chose Namoi for the makeover due to her weight loss and to give her a confidence boost.

Tania runs Slimming World classes in Haverhill, Duxford, Sawston, Clare, Saffron Walden, Fulbourn, Long Melford and Hadleigh, and has launched the ‘Ulitmate Slimming Guide’ for 2013.

“Slimming World has been helping people to lose weight for more than 43 years so we’ve learned a thing or two about supporting slimmers to achieve their dreams, including a deep understanding of the emotional as well as the practical aspects of losing weight,” said Tania.

“If anyone in Haverhill is pledging to slim down and become more active in 2013, Slimming World is the place to be to make sure their dreams turn into a reality.

“This year we’ve created a brand new pack for members that includes all of our very best advice – all based on the latest research as well as our decades of experience.

“It combines top tips for a fabulous first week weight loss, simple shopping advice, and small swaps that will make a big difference to your waistline and help you to form healthy habits that will last a lifetime, all as well as introducing members to Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, Food Optimising.”

“Most people who embark on New Year diets fail within days or weeks because they follow plans that are too restrictive and leave them feeling hungry or deprived so they’re impossible to keep up.

“But Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan isn’t a diet and you don’t have to count and measure everything you eat.

“Instead by satisfying your appetite on everyday foods like fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat and fish, which are filling yet naturally low in calories, it’s possible to lose weight without ever having to go hungry or feel deprived.”

This January every new member will receive a copy of the Ultimate Slimming Guide for free when they join their local group.

Combined with the support of the group, this slimming ‘bible’ will give everyone who walks through the doors the very best possible change of a great first week weight loss meaning they’re more likely to achieve their weight-loss target, according to Slimming World’s research.

The new guide isn’t the only reason Tania believes January 2013 is a great time to start slimming.

This January Slimming World is also launching its new members’ mobile website, Lifeline-on-the-go, which is free of charge to members.

The new site enables slimmers to access information and inspirational features from their smartphones 24/7.

As well as this package, new members will get the support of highly-trained consultant Tania, who added: “I’ve lost weight with Slimming World myself so I know exactly what it feels like, from feeling nervous about walking into the group on that first day through to the joy of reaching your weight-loss target.

“Everyone in the group is there for the same reason – to lose weight and become happier and healthier – and each week we help and support each other by sharing advice, ideas, tips, recipes and more.

“I’m so sure that slimmers in Haverhill will be successful that anyone who doesn’t lose weight in the first four weeks, can have their money back.”

For more information about Slimming World call Tania on 07974 565229 or visit www.slimmingworld.com.

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