Haverhill transport service needs more drivers

A community transport operator in Haverhill is making a plea for more volunteer drivers to help a growing number of patients who need taking to medical appointments.

Following changes to the NHS transport policy Three Counties Transport (3CT)says demand for its services have never been so high.

Lyn Burgess, 3CT manager said: “The recent NHS policy change has left many people unable to get to their appointments, which of course is a worrying situation.

“As a result we are receiving more and more calls from people needing transport to get to appointments at hospitals, with their GPs and other health professionals.”

Ms Burgess added: “We are now in great need of new volunteer drivers to help us meet the extra demands, otherwise we may be in a position where we are not able to help someone who needs to get to an important medical appointment and we never want that to happen.

“On some occasions we have had to deal with patients stressed and in tears worrying about how they will get to hospital for their appointments, which is not an ideal scenario by any means, but if we can get more drivers at least we will be able to offer these people a way of getting to their appointments.

“In the meantime we will continue to do our very best to try and meet passengers and patients needs.

“Even if there are people who can just spare one of two hours a week it would be very helpful.”

Anyone who can help should call Ms Burgess on 01440 712028, or e-mail lyn.burgess@suffolkgov.uk.