Jefferys is reselected for West Suffolk

Michael Jefferys, Labour ANL-140715-151619001
Michael Jefferys, Labour ANL-140715-151619001

The local Labour Party has selected its candidate for the General Election in the West Suffolk constituency next year.

They have chosen Michael Jefferys, who has fought the seat on three previous occasions.

Michael was delighted with his victory at the hustings.

He said, “It is a privilege and an honour to be chosen as Labour’s candidate”.

When asked about his political beliefs his response was “Our society is more unequal now than at any time since before the Second World War, indeed the UK could face Victorian levels of inequality within five to 10 years.

“Yet all the evidence suggests that more equal societies are healthier societies. That is what we must fight for – it is a very simple idea”.

Michael Jefferys is a Newmarket Town Councilor and a Forest Heath District Councillor. He was Assistant Principal at Newmarket College.