£1,000 to mark 25 years of Haverhill Town Council

Haverhill Town Council agreed to spend �1,000 celebrating its 25th anniversary

Haverhill Town Council agreed to spend �1,000 celebrating its 25th anniversary

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Haverhill’s deputy mayor Maureen Byrne has said it ‘is reasonable’ to spend £1,000 celebrating the town council’s 25th anniversary.

Next month’s town council meeting and mayor making will precede the annual town meeting on May 27, which marks the anniversary of when the authority was established in 1989.

The council has budgeted to spend up to a £1,000 commemorating the anniversary, which will include the production of 150 mugs featuring the newly-designed anniversary logo and see previous town clerks Gerry Kiernan, Gordon Mussett and Will Austin, along with mayor Roger André, invited to speak about the council’s journey over the last quarter of a century.

“The council may wish to provide commemorative mugs which could hold the logo which has been created,” said locum clerk Bob Whittombe.

Cllr Byrne said: “There have been concerns raised over the money being spent but I think we should celebrate.

“We fought for years to have a town council and had lots of opposition from lots of people, so spending £1,000 I think is reasonable, particularly if you get a mug with it.

“It’s a way we can show our appreciation to the people who formed the town council as councillors are volunteers and we ought to thank those who have got us here, so £1,000 is reasonable.”

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