Christmas and New Year Safety patrols by police

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Police patrols are being stepped up in towns across the county, police in Suffolk are advising people to stay safe and have an enjoyable festive period.

Chief Superintendent Jon Brighton head of Suffolk Police’s county policing command is hoping that people will take on board the advice being issued by Suffolk Police.

“We prepare for the Christmas and New Year period months in advance to ensure that we have sufficient resources in place to be able to police the expected busy periods and key dates where we know there will be greater numbers of people out and about and visiting the county’s night spots,” he said.

“We work closely with our partners, licensed premises and Street Pastors to ensure people have a safe, enjoyable time.

“We will not only have a high visible presence with extra patrols around the towns in the county but we will also use powers available to us to deal with those behaving in an anti-social manner or committing an offence, this may be by using a section 27 notice (allowing us to disperse the person from the area), fixed penalty notices or arrest.

“This coming weekend we will also have extra resources in place with the assistance of officers from the Special Constabulary.

“It is not our intention to ruin anyone’s night out by using our powers but to encourage party goers to have fun sensibly.

“By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.”

Police are offering the following the advice to party-goers:

– Plan your night out and your route there and back – avoid short cuts through unlit or deserted areas;

– Let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to get home;

– Know your limits – alcohol affects your reactions; you’ll be less alert.

– Avoid going out for the evening alone;

– Appoint a designated driver between you and your friends, and if not make arrangements for your journey home.

Driving with excess alcohol can affect so many lives – not only your own;

– Keep your personal possessions close to you at all times; and finally

Enjoy your night out, stick with your friends and have a safe Christmas and New Year.

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