Haverhill family reuinites to mark relative’s grave.

The Nunn family reunites at Haverhill cemetery ANL-140825-145537001

The Nunn family reunites at Haverhill cemetery ANL-140825-145537001


Membres of a Withersfield family reunited to mark the grave or a long lost relative.

The Nunn family, whose Withersfield connection can be traced back as far as 1722, reunited at Haverhill cemetery on August 25 to mark the grave of Letitia Nunn, who died, aged 72, in 1901.

Letitia died in a work house in Kedington and has lain in an unmarked grave in Haverhill cemetary ever since.

“It was such a lousy end to a lousy life,” said descendant, Julianne Gascoyne, 44, from Nottingham. “She spent her last days in thre poor house. It feels right to be here today and to say ‘we remember you’.”

Family members, many of whom had never met before, convened at the cemetary in the rain to formally mark the grave and to lay a bouquet of flowers.

After the First World War, in which six of the Nunn brother fought and survived, the family began to spread out.

Some members stayed in the area while others moved as far afield as New Zealand, Australia and India.

“I’ve never met them before,” said another relative, Anna Nunn, 73, from Norwich. “It’s interesting to see who’s turned out.”

Mrs Nunn’s husband, Gerald Nunn, 73, said: “I think we should keep in touch. When you’re retired, it seems like a useful thing to do.”

Organiser, Jackie Robinson-Kiddy, from Ely, was pleased to see so many people in attendance.

“It’s massively important to keep a family connection,” added Mrs Gascoyne, whose daughter, Lilley Freya Letitia Gascoyne, 5, is named in Letitia’s honour. “We’d planned it for ages. It just kept getting larger and larger.”




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