Haverhill nut factory could close, putting 85 jobs at risk

The Intersnack factory in Haverhill, which is under threat of closure. Up to 85 jobs are at risk

The Intersnack factory in Haverhill, which is under threat of closure. Up to 85 jobs are at risk

THE Intersnack factory in Haverhill could close and up to 85 jobs be lost if a proposed production restructure goes ahead.

KP and Intersnack, which combined is the UK’s biggest nut processor, propose to invest £16m to build a new state of the art nut processing and packing facility in Rotherham, where it already has a nut factory.

As well as maintaining the current Rotherham team, an additional 80 roles would be created over four years, with staff at Haverhill being offered the chance to relocate.

A detailed review of current nut operations has revealed too much capacity and that the costs of operating two sites is impacting on their ability to compete and develop their nut business.

KP and Intersnack also say analysis shows that an investment into a new Rotherham site is the best solution to allow them to create a sustainable business into the future.

They expressed appreciation for the focus on quality and the commitment of staff at the Haverhill plant, which has been a nut factory for eight years.

Staff, they said, will be fully consulted with on the proposals in the coming weeks, before emphasising that

these are just proposals and no final decisions have yet been made.

Mark Thorpe, managing director, operations, for KP Snacks and Intersnack UK, said: “This significant investment demonstrates Intersnack’s commitment to strengthening our nut business in the UK.

“Although proposed restructurings such as these are always difficult, we firmly believe this proposal is the most cost-effective way for us to modernise and ‘future proof’ our nut processing capability.

“Our business is already famous for nuts and our aim is to build effectively on our current position as the UK’s number one nut producer and support long term growth.”




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