Haverhill pharmacies can help you to quit smoking

Pharmacist Hannah Mallin launches the new stop smoking campaign with Buzz Seager and Kevin Mossop from Live Well Suffolk

Pharmacist Hannah Mallin launches the new stop smoking campaign with Buzz Seager and Kevin Mossop from Live Well Suffolk


A new campaign from Live Well Suffolk is urging smokers in Haverhill who want to try and kick the habit for good to take advantage of the free help and advice available in the town.

The ‘Quitting is only a few steps away’ campaign highlights the free support that is available to smokers from their local pharmacy and GP surgery.

Pharmacies in Haverhill that are offering free stop smoking support include Boots on the High Street, the Co-op Pharmacy on Mill Road and the Tesco Pharmacy on Cangle Road, among others.

Floyd Croll, Live Well Suffolk’s Community Health Coach in the town, said: “There is a lot of free help and advice available to smokers who want to give up, but so many people don’t know it’s out there.

“For example, most people have a pharmacy near to where they live or work, but they don’t realise that pharmacists can provide them with advice and guidance on a really wide range of health matters, including giving up smoking.

“Pharmacies line the high street and a lot of the big supermarkets have their own in-house pharmacies now, so they’re a really convenient, quick and easy way for people to get honest, practical advice about the best quitting options for them.

“GPs can also help people who want to give up smoking and of course, smokers can also get in touch with us and use one of our stop smoking services.”

Floyd added that if people quit now, by next Christmas they would have saved £2,500, if they smoke on average 20 cigarettes a day.

Smokers are four times more likely to quit for good with help and support than if they go it alone.

Since Live Well Suffolk was formed in 2011, the healthy lifestyles service has helped thousands of people in the county to kick the habit.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Suffolk, with nearly one in five adults smoking. It is estimated that half of those will die prematurely as a result of their habit.

Live Well Suffolk offers free stop smoking clinics across the county to help support those looking to quit.

The organisation offers group therapy, one-to-one sessions and programmes to support pregnant mums who smoke. For more information about Live Well Suffolk’s range of stop smoking services, the new campaign, and to see a list of local pharmacies taking part, please see www.livewellsuffolk.org.uk/quit or phone 01473 229292.




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