Haverhill’s crime figures are on the wane

Inspector Peter Ferrie is delighted that the crime figures for Haverhill have dropped

Inspector Peter Ferrie is delighted that the crime figures for Haverhill have dropped

Police in Haverhill are continuing to win their battle with crime, much to the pleasure of the town’s highest ranking officer.

Speaking at Monday’s Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) public priority setting meeting, Inspector Peter Ferrie revealed that aside from drugs and domestic burglary, crime levels overall have declined in the town.

He said: “The figures In general terms look very good indeed. There are a couple of blips but in general they are very good.”

Figures show crimes recorded between April 1 and December 8 this year and are compared against a three year average for the same period of time.

Total crime dropped from an average of 1,344 to 1,124 in the past eight months.

Violence against the person dropped to 233 from 251, sex offences are at 25 compared to the average figure of 24 and acquisitive crime stands at 497 against the average of 563.

In addition vehicle crime has dropped, going from an average figure of 133 down to 90 and criminal damage and arson has similarly declined, dropping from 369 to 220.

Incidents of anti-social behaviour have also fallen away markedly, from 1,080 to 802.

Two categories of crime have however gone up in this time, with drugs offences rising from 45 to 69 and domestic burglary from 38 to 52.

Insp Ferrie explained the two rises, saying: “We are getting out there and doing more drugs warrants and searching more people so when you find drugs on people that becomes a drug crime, so the more you find the more figures you have.

“Nearly all the domestic burglaries rel to a period when houses where regularly getting burgled during a really hot period when people were leaving their doors open.”

One prolific offender police believe responsible for many of the burglaries is now locked up, said Insp Ferrie.

He added: “The number of things that people are generally concerned about are down, which I’m really pleased about.”

Crime detection rates also stand at 30.8 per cent for Haverhill, compared to 17.6 per cent for the rural




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