Hundon church fire - 100 years on

All Saints Church in Hundon after the fire in 1914

All Saints Church in Hundon after the fire in 1914


This week marks the 100th anniversary of a fire that raged through the parish church in Hundon and left it a ruined shell of a building.

Following the fire on February 18, 1914, All Saints Church was rebuilt and it has continued to serve the community ever since it was reopened for services in 1918.

Now, the parochial church council (PCC) is busy putting plans to together to mark this centenary.

Joint church warden, Marcus Field-Rayner, said it had been hoped that a reconstruction of the fire could be staged on February 18, but that never came to pass.

He went on to say: “In the meantime the PCC are in the process of applying for permission to install a multi-use toilet and a servery within the building in order to better serve the local community during services and for visitors to the various annual events.

“Fund-raising will follow.

“Hundon (Primary) school children have produced wonderful models and paintings of the fire, which will go on display in the church for viewing after the half term holiday.”

The cause of the fire in 1914 has never been established but at the time, driven by the strong south westerly wind, added Mr Field-Rayner, it was so intense the glow could be seen as far away as Sudbury.

The 14th century church was rebuilt under the direction of Detmar Jellings Blow thanks to the funds being raised and it was reopened four years later.

The church had links to the monks at nearby Chipley Abbey and in the 18th century a building attached to the south porch became the resting place of Arethusa, daughter of Lord Clifford and wife of James Vernon, then Lord of the Manor.




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