Joy all round as Haverhill academy hits the 100 per cent mark

Georgina Ottaway looks very happy as she chats to a friend, while in the background Will Pickerin reads his results. ANL-140814-150523005

Georgina Ottaway looks very happy as she chats to a friend, while in the background Will Pickerin reads his results. ANL-140814-150523005

It’s been another excellent year for A Level students at Samuel Ward Academy, as the 100 per cent strike rate in two different areas proves.

The A* to E pass rate at A Level was 100 per cent while every student that wanted to go to university has done so, albeit in some cases having to settle for their second choice destination.

At Samuel Ward 70 per cent of the A Level results were A* to C grades with students doing particularly well in maths, chemistry, English literature, geography, psychology and sociology.

Imogen Senior, head of sixth form, said: “These results are testimony to the hard work of the students and their teachers, as well as the support and encouragement of their parents.

“I’m really happy for them, especially as all of them have the grades that they need to go on to university.

“I would like to thank, on behalf of our students, anyone that has helped make this day possible.”

Jake Gardiner achieved an A in maths, English literature and a B in history.

His results were impressive enough, but he also achieved the distinction of being the only person in the year to get an A in English literature from a class in which he was the only boy.

The 18-year-old from Haverhill is now taking a year out and although he originally had a place lined up to study law next year has changed his mind and will now study English.

“In the long run, hopefully in ten years time, I’m going to be writing scripts for video games’” he said.

“I’m happy that I got an A in English but I could have pushed a little bit harder and got an A*.”

Jamie Boulton, 18, from Haverhill, achieved Bs in chemistry, maths and physics and is heading to Sussex University to read physics.

He said: “I’m really pleased with them although I would have liked to have got an A in physics.

“I can’t really moan at the grades I’ve got, as long as I got into university.”

Bethany Dunn, from Haverhill, climbed off her sick bed to get to the school and was delighted to have done so after discovering she had gained an A* in maths and Bs in biology and chemistry, enough to get her a place reading biomedical science at Newcastle University.

She said: “The stress was horrible. I had ten, three AS and seven A Levels, this year because I got two Bs and two Cs last year, so to get what I did this year I had to retake some.”

Linda Sowa, 18 and also from Haverhill, came away with As in geography and German and a B in maths, earning her a place at York University to read computer science.

Although she doesn’t know what she wants to specialise in yet, Linda does intend to spend one year studying abroad as part of her four years masters course.

She said: “I’m happy that I got in and got in at my first choice (university).”

In getting an A in maths, B in physics and C in chemistry, 18-year-old Jack Waterhouse, from Great Yeldham, fell short of getting a place at his preferred choice, Edinburgh University, to study chemical engineering.

He was not too downbeat though as he will still be heading to Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh study the subject.

Jack said: “I’m alright. I’m going to go to university and I’m going to get a degree and that’s what matters.”

Students studying vocational subjects also did very well, with 100 per cent of the students taking BTEC IT achieving A to B grade equivalents and Oliver Clark, Jack Hickford and Josh Iron achieving the equivalent of three A grades each at Samuel Ward’s Sport & Football Academy.

Samuel Ward Sixth Form offers a range of courses that cater for those students wanting to pursue traditional academic subjects and other high quality vocational courses like the successful Football Academy.

“That students were successful in a wide range of areas is especially pleasing,” explained Mrs Senior.

“It means that these students have made good progress and can go on to work and study in the fields that they are interested in.

“From all of the staff, I wish them the best of luck.”




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