Miss Cambridgeshire hopes dashed for Haverhill hopeful

Hannah Jones, who goes by the stage name Ruby Ruffles, had hoped to be crowned Miss Cambridgeshire 2014 Ruby Ruffles needs your vote to become Miss Cambridgeshirt - Picture by Richard Murray

Hannah Jones, who goes by the stage name Ruby Ruffles, had hoped to be crowned Miss Cambridgeshire 2014 Ruby Ruffles needs your vote to become Miss Cambridgeshirt - Picture by Richard Murray


An aspiring Haverhill model has had her hopes of being named Miss Cambridgeshire 2014 dashed after an apparent advert blunder.

Hannah Jones, who goes under the stage name ‘Ruby Ruffles’, returned to modelling, performing and burlesque two years ago and entered the competition, which is part of Miss World, last month.

The 30 year old, from Eastern Avenue, had made the final 15, which will be judged tomorrow (Saturday, April 6), after entering through a link on the website Star Now.

Hannah says the advert stated models must merely be between 18 and 99, but the contract she was since sent from the Miss England team said entrants have to be between 17 and 24 and be unmarried with no children.

Hannah has been told she could attend the final but could not win.

“I applied for it and they said I’d got through but never at any point did they say about the age restriction until Monday (31),” said the mum of two.

“I thought it was okay and then found out it’s not, and the people who’ve voted for me are upset and annoyed about it too. They never asked these questions when I entered.

“I’m not going to go now and don’t see the point if I have no chance of winning it.

“It was just for me to get a bit of experience and meet people in the industry really to help me with my career.”

Hannah only started modelling recently, adding: “Last year I started modelling and performing, doing some singing and burlesque, and I got back into it because after having children that had stopped me from performing,” she said.

“I’ve been looking to make it a job and have gone to various auditions and been in seven shows so far.”

Hannah had Georgina, ten, and Jamie, six, and did not work after.

“I got my confidence back again – for a while I was stuck at home doing housewifey things but ended up getting back to dancing, which got my confidence back.

“I thought ‘I’m not going to live forever’ and wanted to do these things so started again, and lots of opportunities have come up.”

The Miss Cambridgeshire contest is part of the Miss England competition, part of the Miss World event.

A spokesman for the competition said: “Ruby has been made aware of the rules since entering the Cambridgeshire heat of the contest.

“The rules are there for a reason.

“When a contestant wins a regional title, she then goes forward to compete in Miss England which then leads to Miss World .

“All contestants are made aware of the rules and that they need to sign a document on the day of the event to confirm that they abide by the rules.

“This form needs to be signed on the day of entry and we have let the contestants know that this is the case which is when we found out Ruby has children and is over the age limit .

“When my colleague spoke to Ruby she was made aware that she could not go forward to the Miss England contest as it would be breaking the rules .

“This is a Miss World rule and we are governed by their rule.

“The reason for this rule is because Miss England spends a whole month competing in Miss World.

“If she was to win, she spends the whole year being an ambassador for Beauty with a Purpose which is the Miss World charity helping disadvantaged children throughout the world.

“It would not be fair to the girl or her children to be away from her family for such a long period of time, nor could she attend the social and worldwide events with a baby/ child and do the job as Miss World for the year.

“Miss World has high family values and has the rule for this reason.

“There are other competitions that a girl could enter with children who’s duties of the winner are less demanding.

“With regards to the voting, we are refunding Ruby for the 34 votes she had and we are taking Ruby out of the competition altogether now as it would not be fair to allow her to continue.”

The event consists of both a public vote and judges decisions.

Visit www.missengland.info/regionals/cambridgeshire for more information about the competition, and to view to other finalists and see how many votes each has got so far.

Voting lines remain open until 5pm tomorrow (Saturday, April 6).

For all the latest news see Thursday’s (April 10) Echo.




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