Transport available to rural communities

David and Margaret Gibbs use 3 counties transport to get to Addenbrooke's Hospital.

David and Margaret Gibbs use 3 counties transport to get to Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Communities in four counties which do not benefit from a commercial bus services are being reminded of an alternative service available.

Suffolk Links bus services which serve both the Forest Heath and Haverhill areas, are available to those who find it difficult to access other forms of transport.

Managed by the Voluntary Network in Forest Heath and Three Counties Transport in Haverhill, Suffolk Links is a demand responsive service, funded by Suffolk County Council, which primarily provides connections to bus and train links in rural areas.

The service is open to all members of the public and the vehicles are all wheelchair accessible.

The service picks passengers up at a location convenient to them and takes them where they want to go on a pre-booked basis.

Caroline Robinson, voluntary network manager, said: “Across the area from Haverhill to Newmarket and over the county borders into Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk many rural parishes are seeing a complete cut, or a major reduction, in commercial bus services.

“The situation has left many people feeling lonely and isolated.

“However, our Links services run throughout the area wherever there is no commercial service.

“The Links service allows people to link up with other bus and train services, as well as providing a way of getting to amenities such as shopping facilities, hospitals and leisure centres.

“We are aware there are many people within the community, including the elderly, people with impaired mobility and those living in remote areas, who would benefit immensely from the Links services but probably don’t even know it exists in their area.”

The Suffolk Links services in the Forest Health and Haverhill areas run from 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday, whilst bookings can be made between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

The services can be contacted on 01638 664304.

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