Video: Students show off film about Castle Partnership

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Students spanning nine years joined together to produce a presentation and film about their schools’ partnership.

The pupils aged nine to 18 from Place Farm Primary and Castle Manor academies delivered the presentation to primary schools heads from across Suffolk earlier this month.

The youngsters from each of the Castle Partnership’s school council complied their thoughts on how working in the county’s first all-through school chain benefits them.

They produced a short video involving fellow youngsters throughout the two schools, aged five to 18, which was shown at the December 9 meeting.

Photos of the partnership in action were also presented and the ideas then explained in the presentation.

This was delivered to primary heads who had gathered at Castle Manor to consider how they may form their own learning partnerships.

Castle Partnership principal Madeleine Vigar said: “The presentation was excellent, it was delivered by our youngsters with skill and confidence.

“It was a clear example of the power of young people of different ages working together.”

The workshop session was part of a response to the recent report ‘No School An Island’, produced as part of the Suffolk ‘Raising The Bar’ initiative.

The report recommends the fostering of ‘a county­ wide change in leadership through a new school-led Suffolk Partnership for Excellence in Learning’.

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