Watch me wallaby feed, mate – new arrival at Linton Zoo

Albino Red Necked Wallaby born to mum Kylie Linton Zoo

Albino Red Necked Wallaby born to mum Kylie Linton Zoo

An albino wallaby is the latest addition to the rare collection of creatures housed at Linton Zoo.

Albino animals and humans lack pigment for colouring, which means the new joey has pink eyes and will grow white fur.

Red necked wallabies are ordinarily grey brown in colour, just like parents Kylie and Jason, auntie Dani and elder brother Bonza, but on rare occasions a white or albino joey is born – even after generations of coloured wallabies.

This is the first albino wallaby to be born at Linton Zoo and came as a surprise to zookeepers when it popped its head out of the pouch last Friday (February 8).

It is now causing much discussion amongst visitors and staff as to what it should be named – Snowy, Snow Flake or Frosty currently top the list.

Many visitors have caught a sneak peak of the new joey during half term, as he often pops his head out for the daily kangeroo and wallaby feed at midday.

The group of wallabies at Linton Zoo most likely descended from the original white wallabies given as a gift the Queen Elizabeth II on her state visit to Australia in 1962.

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