Merger between Haverhill doctor surgeries would result in an extra GP

Stourview Medical Centre in Haverhill ANL-140730-093305005
Stourview Medical Centre in Haverhill ANL-140730-093305005

The merger of two of Haverhill’s GP practices would lead to the recruitment of another GP and a subsequent easing of waiting times for patients.

The news that an extra doctor will be taken on should the merger between Stourview Medical Centre and Dr Selby & Partners was revealed at Tuesday’s (29) meeting of Haverhill Town Council by Dr Bamidele Sule, who is currently the only GP at Stourview.

Dr Sule told the meeting that Stourview currently has 4,000 registered patients with Dr Sule the sole GP after the departure of his previous GP partner.

With Dr Selby & Partners having 10,000 registered patients served by five GPs the merger of the two would result in 14,000 patients being spread between six doctors - with an extra GP on the cards.

Dr Sule told the meeting: “There is plans to possibly redesign the way services are delivered. I suspect initially there won’t be much change.

“We’ve got six GPs to 14,000 patients, that’s what you are seeing, but we are planning to increase by an extra GP so that’s going to be seven GPs to 14,000 patients.”

Earlier, Cllr Roger André pointed out that each GP should only have 2,500 patients while Cllr Maureen Byrne said she had been hearing complaints from people who have had to wait four weeks to see a GP.

She asked Dr Sule is he thought the problems of long waiting times would increase with a merger.

He answered: “From my perspective I think the merger is the best option for both patients and both practices because it’s very difficult to recruit GPs at the moment.

“I can’t see things getting worse because we’ve got five GPs in the other practise, maybe six, so looking at the wider dynamics I don’t think it’s going to be four weeks to see a GP.”