Papworth event reveals how hearts tick

Latest what's on news from the Haverhill Echo,, @haverhill on Twitter
Latest what's on news from the Haverhill Echo,, @haverhill on Twitter

Would you like to find out more about what makes your heart tick or look into the fascinating science behind sleep?

Supporters and members of the public have the rare opportunity to attend Medicine for Members, an event hosted by Papworth Hospital experts that will look at how they treat serious heart and sleep conditions.

Doctors at Papworth Hospital will discuss how serious and life threatening heart conditions are treated at the hospital as well as why we need sleep and what our consultants do to combat serious sleep conditions and disorders.

Supporters will have the opportunity to ask any topical questions they might have about sleep and heart medicine.

One of two speakers, Dr Nick Oscroft, Consultant Physician, said: “Sleep is a fascinating subject and something which we can all relate to. Sleep disorders are common and will affect many of us, or our family members and friends, and can have a major effect on our health and quality of life.

“Here at Papworth Hospital we treat all respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders and conditions at one of the few accredited sleep centres in the UK.

This is something we will look at in depth at Medicine for Members.”

It is also the perfect opportunity for Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (FT) members to meet one another.

Medicine for Members will take place on Saturday 5 July from 2pm to 4pm in a marquee in the grounds of Papworth Hospital.

This event is for Papworth Hospital FT members however if you are not a member already you can sign up when you register or on the day free of charge.

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For more information or to book your place please call (01480) 364240 or email