Praise as Haverhill’s town clerk nears departure

Town clerk Will Austin
Town clerk Will Austin

Praise has been heaped upon Haverhill’s town clerk as he nears his departure.

Will Austin resigned a month ago and will leave in March, with Haverhill Town Council currently searching for an interim clerk and responsible financial officer to fill the void between his departure and the appointment of his successor.

Speaking at Tuesday’s (February 18) Haverhill Town Council meeting at the arts centre, Inspector Peter Ferrie said: “I would like to offer a vote of thanks to Will.

“He has been the very greatest help to the police in Haverhill over the last couple of years.

“Thank you very much, you will be sorely missed.”

Haverhill’s leisure manager Nick Keeble added: “I want to say thanks to Will who has been fun to work with – it’s not always you can say that about your boss.

“The town clerk is a very important appointment for the town council and Will has proved to be a very good choice.

“I hope the council make as good an appointment in his successor.”

Mr Austin, who succeeded Gordon Mussett into the role in 2011, said that he was resigning due to ‘personal reasons’.

He described Haverhill as ‘a town that I am proud to have called home’.

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