Reminder to Suffolk residents to renew travel passes

Albert Cuppleditch with his bus pass and Tony Skipworth, the bus driver who helped him get it.
Albert Cuppleditch with his bus pass and Tony Skipworth, the bus driver who helped him get it.

As spring approaches so does the deadline to renew travel passes - and Suffolk Passenger Transport is urging residents to take time to note the renewal process for free travel bus passes or travel vouchers that expire on March 31.

Suffolk residents with an age related pass will automatically receive a new one without the need to complete any forms. Pass holders will this receive before March 31.

Disabled persons pass holders who qualify due to a disability which means they are unable to obtain a driving license or has a long term effect on their ability to walk will have received a renewal form to complete and send back with evidence of eligibility.

Completed and returned forms will be processed with a new pass issued before March 31.

All other Disabled Persons pass holders will receive their new pass automatically before March 31.

Residents who do not receive their new pass are urged to call the information line on 08456000659 after March 31.

As an alternative to free travel passes, the council offers a benefit to those living in remote areas or with severe disability in the form of travel vouchers that can be used towards the use of community transport, taxis or private hire vehicles.

Travel Voucher holders will have received a renewal form and are ask to complete and return them for processing and new vouchers issued before March 31.

Alternatively residents can opt to renew their vouchers online at:

Councillor Graham Newman, cabinet member for roads and transport said: “I’d encourage those with travel vouchers and bus passes to follow the renewal process if they need to do so to avoid any delays in them receiving their new pass.

“If you are at the age to be eligible for a free bus pass and haven’t already applied then you can do so online or by calling the information line on 08456000659.”

All forms should be returned to the following address: SCC Free Travel Pass PO Box 212 Waterlooville, PO7 6ZN.