West Suffolk Hospital pledges to retain high beast cancer care standards

Andrea Pryor with the breast cancer care pledge booklet ANL-140404-121436005
Andrea Pryor with the breast cancer care pledge booklet ANL-140404-121436005

New pledges designed to ensure breast cancer patients at West Suffolk Hospital continue to receive the highest quality care while feeling safe and well-informed about their treatment have been introduced.

The service standards have been developed in partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to ensure that every patient diagnosed with the illness has the best possible experience when using the hospital.

They have been included in a new booklet which will be given to patients following their diagnosis.

As well as detailing the standards of care which patients can expect at West Suffolk Hospital, the booklet provides information about the help provided by dedicated breast care nurses.

It also signposts patients to other sources of support, such as complementary therapies, spiritual, social and cultural support, as well as information

about post-surgery underwear, healthy eating and exercise.

The pledges have been drawn up following feedback from former patients, and include:

• information about how quickly patients will receive their test results

• a promise to provide written information and treatment plans which are jargon-free and easy-to-understand

• an invitation for patients to bring their own dressing gown to hospital, or a friend to their appointments

• a promise to treat patients with dignity and respect

• details about what to expect if you have to stay overnight, and when you will be discharged

• the opportunity for each patient to be as involved as they want to be in decisions about their own treatment while providing choice

Andrea Pryor, clinical manager for the breast care service at the hospital, said: “We are committed to not only providing our patients with top quality care, but also making sure they have the best possible experience when using West Suffolk Hospital.

“This means they should feel safe, cared for and confident in their treatment, and be offered a choice wherever it is appropriate to do so.

“We asked the people using our service to tell us how we could further improve, and have drawn up the new service pledges detailed in the booklet based on their feedback.

“We hope that they will make a real difference to patients at what can be a difficult time by setting clear expectations of the quality of care they will receive.”