Surviving frostbite at the late night shopping in Haverhill

It was 3,30pm - I looked out of the door and could see the frost beginning to build up on car windows - I did not want to go out but knew that I had to start out on my expedition and join up with the rest of our merry helpers at Base Camp.

I loaded up the transport with all the goods and knew that I had enough to last me at least 10 days to cover bad weather so I headed out.

I arrived at Base Camp at where I was due to meet up with the rest of our group - my heart dropped - why were we based outside a funeral parlour - was there any significance in this - surely the weather was not that bad.

Next our base camp (tent) had no sides on it to keep out the wind and then to make matters worse Father Christmas arrived but he had no reindeer’s or sledge.

Where are they?, I asked. Too cold, replied Father Christmas. That was a good sign, I thought. We therefore had to load all the goods into a wheelbarrow and on a table.

We had done this operation for the last few years but weather wise this was the worst yet.

Our party consisted of the Brown family - Richard, Rosie,Julie and Peter, plus Derrick, Barry, Kathie, Stewart (Claws),David and Iain - the same old faces - without who we would be lost,

We did our tombola and sold tickets for our barrow of groceries and drink as in the past but this time we had to cope with the current financial crisis the country was in as well as the weather which kept quite a few people away..

We still managed to raise though nearly £300 towards our coach costs.

By the time we were finished we were not far from frostbite and with freezing fingers were unable to hold pens to write on tickets or hold our boards.

But the best bit was when somebody said - “Come on lets pack up - the fireworks are about to start”

The winner of our groceries etc was a Mrs McKenzie from Snowdon Court - who had a nice surprise arrive at her door of a prize woth over £100.

Our thanks go to all those who supported us by buying or helping on the night.

Iain Ross,

Haverhill Branch, Ipswich Supporters’ Club