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A new chapter begins for a Haverhill hypnotherapist

Jon Adkin worked as an IT manager at a primary school for 26 years but has just gone full time as a hypnotherapist.' Picture by Mark Westley
Jon Adkin worked as an IT manager at a primary school for 26 years but has just gone full time as a hypnotherapist.' Picture by Mark Westley

Having overcome critical health problems, starting a new career after 26 years in the same job is arguably a comparative breeze for Haverhill man Jon Adkin.

Last Christmas, Jon took the step of leaving his job of IT manager at St Thomas More Primary School in Saffron Walden after 26 years to go full-time as a hypnotherapist.

A man of many talents, Jon is also the author and illustrator of a series of five children’s books about The Adventures of Carla Bear; The Little Bear With the Big Imagination.

Now working as a hynotherapist from his home in Henry Close, Jon explains how he came to be where he is now.

“I got to the stage where I wanted to do something for me,” he said.

“I love helping people and I wanted to do something for myself.

“I’m 55 now but in my late 30s and all of my 40s I had two strokes, two heart attacks and I’ve got metal shoulders (due to his shoulders continually dislocating) so on paper I’m an absolute mess. I had a choice. I could either curl up and go ‘I’ve had a go’ or I could do something about it.”

Inspired by Paul McKenna-style self-confidence books, Jon ventured onto the path that has led him to run his own hypnotherapy practice.

He said: “A lot of people commented ‘how do you keep positive’ and I said it’s down to those books, they make you look at life in a slightly different way.

“I decided a few years ago, I’m going to do something for me so I decided to take the course in hypnotherapy.

“I really wasn’t sure if it was me or If I could do it. As I got more and more into it I absolutely loved it because it all made sense and I could really relate it to me and by relating it to me and my positivity I can get it across to people and they sit there and think, ‘if you can do it I can do it and I can have that sort of positivity’.”

Initially Jon saw clients in the evenings and on weekends while continuing in his IT job, but he reached the point where he was having to turn people away and so, last month he ‘took the gamble’ to go full time.

He now offers appointments from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week and gives new clients an initial free-consultation, after which he will personalise a script for them.

He helps them find a place where they are ‘most comfortable’, be it an imaginary place or a happy childhood memory, which all helps to unlock their subconscious mind and address whatever the issue is that they require help with.

“There are so many things it can help with. That’s what I like doing,” said Jon.

Jon says he can help clients deal with many issues, including stopping smoking, anger management, depression, self esteem, pain control, weight loss, motivation, phobias, stress/anxieties – contact him on 07513011602.

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