A1307 dualling proposal to be debated at a public meeting

fatal RTA A1307 the duel carraige way before linton'at balsham crossroads
fatal RTA A1307 the duel carraige way before linton'at balsham crossroads

Matthew Hancock, the MP for West Suffolk, is organising a public meeting to call for the dualling of the A1307 road between Haverhill and Cambridge.

Matthew has previously signed a petition calling for the road to be dualled to address safety and congestion concerns.

The meeting will be on March 21 at 6pm at the The New Croft football ground, in Chalkstone Way, Haverhill.

It will draw together representatives from relevant organisations, businesses and residents.

Haverhill is growing as a town and so increased population, more businesses and expanded housing must be taken into account when considering any improvements to the A1307.

This means all solutions must be looked at, such as improved public transport, dualling of the highway, the possibility of government funding, a potential bypass around Linton and associated development funding.

A scheme of this scale will need wide support and all those involved working together closely, which is why Matthew is calling for the public meeting.

Commenting, Matthew said: “Since being elected in 2010 one of the issues that has been raised with me time and again is the A1307.

“Haverhill is on the up and I think there is wide support for more infrastructure to support that, but I think the community needs to come together to really give this idea a big push if we are to get anywhere.

“That is why I am calling for a public meeting on the 21st March. I hope everyone concerned about the future of Haverhill can attend.”