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A1307 is key for business in Haverhill

Helen Chaplin (left) thinks upgrading the A1307 would be a boost for business in Haverhill
Helen Chaplin (left) thinks upgrading the A1307 would be a boost for business in Haverhill

Improvements need to be made to Haverhill’s transport infrastructure if business is to flourish in the town.

The A1307, in particular, has been singled out as being in need of work.

“The A1307 is key,” said Helen Chaplin of Haverhill Research Park. “We would love an upgrade to that road. That would be brilliant.

“From our point of view, we are talking to a number of large companies who we want to come here. They will have clients and customers who will use that road.

“It’s the main trunk road that connects the town with Cambridge and with the air port. It brings the trade that is the lifeblood of Haverhill.

“It needs an upgrade. I know there have been speculative talks about dualling it one day. Any kind of upgrade they can offer would be great, but, for us, a dual carriageway would be amazing.

“It would help speed up journey times, which can only be good news for the town. It would make things better for people living in Haverhill and would help boost employment. It really is key.”

Haverhill councillor, Tony Brown, said that the town’s poor transport infrastructure may actually be putting businesses off coming to the town and will only get worse as the town expands.

“We’ve got no railway,” said Cllr Brown. “At the moment, about 50 per cent of people in Haverhill commute. About 90 per cent of those who commute use the A1307.

“In the mornings, between 7.30am and 9.20am, there’s a huge amount of traffic using that road. With the north west development and the north east development, we can expect to see thousands more houses being built.

“There will be a by-pass built, but that won’t be done until five years after the houses have gone up. All the traffic is on that one road [the A1307].

“I think it will affect the research park. I think it will stifle the future development of business in the town.”

Helen Chaplin added: “Haverhill’s a successful town and it’s doing well. It’s got everything going for it but we have got to be positive going forward.

“If we get the roads right, it could really open up opportunities in town.

“We need a dual carriageway, that would really be great. I think it would bring so much to this town.”

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