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Animal lovers sought to help those in need

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Vulnerable people need help from volunteers to look after their pets at times of need.

Patricia Curtis, 75, lives in Haverhill and is currently recovering from surgery on her leg. She has two dogs, Teddy and Archie, who she is unable to walk herself.

Without the help of volunteers, it would be very difficult for her to look after the animals properly.

“Having someone to help walk the dogs would mean an awful lot,” she said. “I’m a pensioner. I can’t afford to pay people to walk them.

“I had my knee done last year. I can walk a bit, but when I’ve got two nosy dogs pulling me around, I’m not very stable at all.”

Sally Collins is the appeals administrator for The Cinnamon Trust, a national charity that seeks to assist elderly and terminally ill and their pets.

“The immediate concern for vulnerable people with pets is walking them,” she said. “There are so many therapeutic benefits to being able to keep your own pet.

“It’s important to offer support to those who need it and keep things as normal as possible. A lot of vulnerable or elderly people don’t have people to talk to. They can go days without seeing anybody else.

“We are looking for volunteers in Haverhill to help Mrs Curtis and others in similar situations.

“They need to be animal lovers, but they don’t need to have been pet owners before. They just need to be able to give up a few hours a week to help take pets for a walk.”

Mrs Curtis added: “My dogs are lovely. They love everybody and they’re very sociable. They’re really no trouble at all.”

Anyone interested in volunteering to help can contact Sally Collins by telephone on 01736 758707 or by email at sallycollins@cinnamon.org.uk .

Volunteers can also find more information on the Cinnamon Trust at www.cinnamon.org.uk or by emailing volunteer@cinnamon.org.uk.

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