Anti social behaviour plummets in Haverhill

YOB behaviour in Haverhill
YOB behaviour in Haverhill

The latest crime figures for Haverhill show that the town’s police are winning the fight against anti-social behaviour (ASB) - although vehicle crime has seen a sharp rise.

Haverhill’s police chief, Inspector Peter Ferrie, revealed this week that the number of anti-social behaviour incidents recorded since April 1, 2012 stands at 1,056 against a three-year average of 1,506.

With two months of the recording year for statistics to go, it means ASB offences have dropped by a staggering 450 compared to the average figure.

The decrease, said Insp Ferrie, is largely down to information being shared better by the police and the agencies they work with.

He said: “We tend to get hold of serious ASB cases a lot earlier now. We can stamp them out earlier.”

Although ASB offences are down, vehicle crime has risen, with 185 vehicles having been broken into since April 1, 2012 as compared with the three-year average of 151, a rise of almost 20 per cent.

Insp Ferrie believes the rise is largely down to the work of a few prolific offenders, and that many of the break-ins could be avoided if vehicle owners were more careful.

“He said: “I think it’s a set of particular villains who are going out and breaking into cars.

“I think people are making it easy for them because they are leaving things on show.

“It’s a really unsophisticated easy crime if people leave stuff on show.”

Crime figures also showed that 41 domestic burglaries happened since April 2012, as against the average of 50, and 108 non-domestic burglaries, compared to the average of 121 over three years.