Burglary spate in Haverhill

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Burglars struck at four homes in Haverhill recently.

The first burglary happened between 10.15pm and 11.50pm on April 20 in Tern Close when burglars snuck in through an unlocked back door and snatched a handbag along with two mobile phones from the kitchen.

At 11pm the following day (April 21) the occupants of a house in Jay Close were woken by a loud bang as the glass in the rear patio doors was smashed.

They looked out of the window to see a man trying to force the door handles, but on realising he had woken the occupants the burglar fled over the rear fence along with a second man.

The duo has Eastern European accents.

Police searched the area but were unable to locate the burglars.

Between 11.30am and 11.45am on April 22 the back window of a home in Burton End was forced open, but it is not believed that the burglars managed to break in.

The final burglary took place between 9.45am on April 20 and 10.30am on April 22 at a home in Redshank Close.

The back patio doors were smashed to break in and items of jewellery along with £105 in cash were stolen from inside.

Inspector Peter Ferrie of Haverhill Police said: “We’re putting on extra patrols and extra officers around the Birds’ Estate and also putting leaflets out to people.

“If anyone has seen people acting suspiciously on the Birds’ at night, particularly two men who may have Eastern European accents, then please let us know.”

Anyone with information on these crimes can call the Bury St Edmunds Priority Crime Team on 101 quoting reference HH/14/764, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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