Businessman gives Haverhill firms work-life balance tips

John Porter bestofhaverhill
John Porter bestofhaverhill

Being proactive at work and achieving what you set out to each day are key components of a good work life balance Haverhill businesses were told.

John Porter, from Business Improvements in Horringer, gave the advice when he spoke at the monthly meeting of thebestofhaverhill, which met at the town’s Days Inn hotel last Thursday (17).

John Porter bestofhaverhill

John Porter bestofhaverhill

“We got to work thinking today’s the day we’re going to change the world – you’ll do this tomorrow morning – but then you get a bit delayed, find an e-mail you reply to, read something funny and before you know it it’s 11am and you think ‘perhaps I’ll change the world tomorrow, it’s a bit late now’,” he said.

He explained that most workers end up being occupied being reactive in the workplace, rather than being proactive in expanding their firm, and that often by being tied up with unimportant tasks others increase in urgency.

“Most of us spend more than seventy per cent of our time being reactive and less than five being proactive.”

He said work-life balance can be improved by simple things like turning the work phone off at home and making a to-do list before leaving the office to ensure you are focussed the next day not distracted that night.

“We can’t just split work and personal life because each day and person is different, but two words to think of to help balance it are enjoyment and achievement.

“We have to enjoy our lives because if everything is a drudge it’s so hard.”

He had those at the networking event write down four things they wishes to achieve that day and implored them to do them rather than be distracted by other tasks.

“Our biggest problem is you go home and don’t know what you’ve achieved, so if you go to bed knowing what you’ve achieved in your work and personal life it will be so much better.

“We thrive to achieve – it’s a competitive world and we want to achieve at the end of the day.”

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