Campaign for freerunning facility in Haverhill

Kevin Woolcott in the gym ANL-140815-124635001
Kevin Woolcott in the gym ANL-140815-124635001

Campaigners in Haverhill are looking for a vacant unit to transform into a designated freerunning facility.

Kevin Woolcott, 45, chairman and founder of Haverhill Gymnastics Club, has been at the forefront of the move to get more young people off the street anf into the gym.

Mr Woolcott said: “Haverhill gymnastics club are looking to rent or lease a building in Haverhill, around 7,500 to 10,000 square foot to reach out to those freerunners and give them a place to train on a regular basis.

“I have been invited by British Gymnastics to apply for a bursary of £40,000 which is to be spent on equipment only.

“We just need a premises. I’m hoping someone will own a vacant unit somewhere in town.”

Previous attempts to bring a freerunning facility to Haverhill have fallen through due to a lack of suitable properties. Funding from the town council and british Gymnastics, as well as a loan from the bank, have all previously been withdrawn pending the group’s finding a new site.

The need for a designated freerunning area in Haverhill was highlighted when a young thrill seeker fell through a skylight while freerunning on top of the Lloyd’s Bank on the High Street.

“We need a facility so we can take these kids off the street,” said Mr Woolcott. “There’s a lot of interest. We’ve got 270 members, from pre-school children to young adults, all interested in freerunning.

“There are another 350 children on the waiting list to take part.”

Sue Warren of Abbeycroft Leisure said: “Kevin’s put his life and soul into that club.

“He’s built it up, all in his own time, all because he loves what he’s doing.

“The leisure centre is very supportive of him finding his own building - they need a purpose build training facility.”