Can you help solve the Stradishall terrapin mystery

PCSO Ryan Wilson and Fay Drayton with Mr T the terrapin
PCSO Ryan Wilson and Fay Drayton with Mr T the terrapin

The terrapin was found - and later named Mr T - by PCSO Ryan Wilson in the housing estate opposite Highpoint Prison in Stradishall at about 4.30pm last Tuesday (September 4) as he was on his way back to the police station in Clare.

After the discovery PCSO Wilson rang Hawkedon Veterinary Surgery, who said they could examine it but couldn’t keep it and it would probably have to go to a zoo.

PCSO Wilson then contacted Linton Zoo to see if they could care for Mr T, but was told the zoo would only be able to re-home the terrapin.

It was then PCSO Wilson decided to take it to the house in Rede of his friend, Fay Drayton, who has a bath in her garden where Mr T now resides.

However, it cannot stay there because it will get too cold in the winter, and PCSO Wilson said: “This is basically an appeal to find someone who has lost a terrapin or anyone who wants one and can look after it.”

PCSO Wilson can be contacted by calling the main police number on 101 or by e-mailing