Centre Stage panto has all the right credentials

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The Pied Piper

Review by Steve Barton

So enthralled was my six year old by what he saw performed by the Centre Stage cast at Haverhill Arts Centre that he not only sat through the whole show, but he also joined in with the audience participation.

Nothing remarkable in that you may say, but considering he was all for walking out before it had even begun, the transformation that came over him provided probably the biggest single compliment that I could give to the show.

From the moment we met the dame, Tina the Cleaner (Steven Roach), her son Jack (Becca Neal) and the rest of the splendid cast that made this panto so enjoyable, he and the rest of the audience were always going to be won over.

Becca Neal’s performance was loaded with the slapstick you expect, although she was possibly outdone on that front by the bumbling Gogo (Steve Powter) and Didi (Jacob Simmons), henchmen to the villainous King Rat, Roland (George Allin).

We all know the general gist of the plot - the Pied Piper (Nick Selin) had to save Hamelin from the rats, while also winning the heart of Eleanor (Billie Allen).

Much tomfoolery and some cracking tunes and gags later. It was done.

To see it for yourself either tonight (Thursday) at 7pm, tomorrow at 7pm or on Saturday (3pm and 7pm) call 01440 714140.