Crime falls in Haverhill and detection rate is high

Haverhill SNT, from left: PCSOs Ryan Wilson, Sophie Mitchell, Mark Isaac and Les Scott
Haverhill SNT, from left: PCSOs Ryan Wilson, Sophie Mitchell, Mark Isaac and Les Scott

The amount of crime being committed in Haverhill, and the amount of crime being solved is almost ten per cent higher than nationally.

The current crime statistics for Haverhill, from April 2013 to present, show that total recorded crime has fallen to 1,237 compared to the three year average of 1,470.

Inspector Peter Ferrie

Inspector Peter Ferrie

Violence against the person fell from 276 to 257, and sex crime fell from 26 to 21.

Acquisitive crime (such as theft) dropped from 608 to 537 and other burglary (such as outbuildings) from 94 to 80.

Vehicle crime plummeted from 146 to 95 while anti social behaviour also saw a significant fall from 1,080 to 802.

The crimes that are on the rise though are domestic burglary, going up by almost a third from 43 to 61.

Shoplifting also increased marginally, from 119 to 140.

One recent instance of the latter happened on Monday (January 6), when a pair of shoplifters snatched £40 worth of Walnut Whips and After Eight mints from Poundland in Haverhill High Street at around 12.35pm.

The chocolates were placed just inside the right of the entrance of the shop.

The two shoplifters are described as wearing hoodies, perhaps in their late teens or early 20s and around five ft eight to five ft 11.

Anyone with information or who has been offered the chocolates can call town centre beat officer Pc Mark Ellis on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Two shoplifting incidents on New Years Eve results in £10 and £6 worth of goods being snatched.

More good news for the town’s crime figures is that the crime detection rate (amount of crimes solved) is almost ten per cent higher than the national average.

Haverhill Police have managed to solve 38.4 per cent of crimes recorded between April last year and now.

The national figures from 2012 to 2013 showed that 28.9 per cent of crimes were detected (1,012,151 of 3,502,320 crimes) – rising from 28.6 per cent the previous year.

“It’s all looking very healthy,” said Inspector Peter Ferrie, who heads both the response team and Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) at the Swan Lane station.

“Having the detection rate above 30 per cent is considered good, so to have it above 35 is great.

“I can only guess that the two rises are both drug related, which is something we’ve been working on.”

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