Give your views on Stop and Search powers

Police news.
Police news.

THE VIEWS of young people are being sought on Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s use of Stop and Search powers.

People aged 10 - 34 years-old, including those who haven’t been stopped and searched, are invited to complete the online survey, which asks their opinion on how they feel the police use stop and search powers. These powers are used by police officers when they have reasonable suspicion that someone may be carrying certain items such as a knife, stolen goods or drugs.

The survey asks questions including how fairly the powers are used, how co-operative they would be if stopped and searched and their experience if they have been stopped and search.

Inspector Paul Rogerson said: “We have a good history of using our stop and search powers fairly and appropriately and we’re keen to continue this.

“The 10 – 34 age group are a key group that we’re keen to better understand and so knowing their views is important.

“We’ll be reviewing the results as part of the ongoing scrutiny that we and community members do to make sure we are using the powers correctly and understand how they affect younger people.”

The survey can be accessed via and the closing date is Wednesday, September 17.