Three new sergeants at Haverhill police station

Sergeant Matthew Gilbert
Sergeant Matthew Gilbert

Three new sergeants are joining Haverhill’s police force.

Sergeant Matthew Gilbert, 40, began work in Haverhill on Monday (July 21). He replaces Sergeant Gary Miller.

Sgt Gilbert is set to be joined by Sgt Vince Williams and Sgt Sonia Plume.

An avid football fan and Tottenham supporter, Sgt Gilbert is looking forward to getting to know the area and the local community again, having begun his policing career in Haverhill.

“I’ve been in the job nearly 17 years,” Sgt Gilbert said. “I started in Haverhill way back in 1997.

“I did about seven years here before going on to work with the police in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds.

“Most of my roles so far have been as support officers. This will be a new challenge, I’m really looking forward to it.

“Some of the estates in the town have really been built up over the years, but some other things have hardly changed.

“We’ll be engaging with some of Haverhill’s longer term issues like parking and speeding. These things seem to remain persistent problems in the area.”

Sgt Vince Williams is to begin work alongside Sgt Gilbert at Haverhill this week.

They will be joined in the coming months by Sgt Sonia Plume, another familiar face, who has previously served as a PC in Haverhill.