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‘Death trap’ road in Haverhill needs to change - resident

By Sammi Nice

The traffic on a Haverhill street could put children’s lives at risk according to a concerned resident.

Sue Longley, 58, who lives in Castle Walk, has raised her concerns about the parking situation in nearby Castle Lane.

She said: “Both junctions have become a death trap. Cars park as close as they can to the junction.

“I appreciate the roads are busy and people need to park, but something has to be done before someone gets hurt.”

The road’s proximity to local schools, Castle Manor Academy and Place Farm Primary Academy, means there are surges of traffic and picking up and dropping off times and that there are often a lot of children in the area.

She has written to county councillors about her concerns and has drawn the matter to the attention of the police.

“Cars still use it as a rat run,” Sue said. “My worry is if you had an inexperienced driver come up there and a car was coming in the other direction and it was school time, they could panic and career into a mother and child.”

Councillor Julian Flood said: “I will consult with fellow councillors and we will see if we can formulate a common solution.”

Cllr Flood noted that, with increased development in the town, the traffic problems that certain areas faced were likely to increase.

He said possible solutions may be speed bumps or traffic calming measures such as those used in Eastern Avenue.

He said: “Anything like that would hopefully stop it being a rat run.”

Other members of the public took to social media to air their concerns about the traffic in the area.

Christine Barry wrote: “I lived at the bottom of Castle Lane, moved out 13 years ago, it was getting bad then.

“It’s crazy now, they will wait until there’s a terrible accident then do something.”

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