Decision on Haverhill flats delayed until site visit

Concept art of the eight flats in Lower Downs Slade
Concept art of the eight flats in Lower Downs Slade

A decision on whether or not to allow Havebury Housing Association to build eight affordable flats with four garages has been delayed until after a site visit.

St Edmundsbury Council’s development control committee was due to make a decision on the plans at Thursday’s (February 6) meeting, which had been scaled back from six garages to four after concerns about the safety of cars reversing out over the pavement were raised at December’s meeting.

The new garages would be in Lower Downs Slade.

However, concerns over the sfaety persisted and councillors voted for a site visit, with ten for and one against.

They had originally looked like refusing the plans permission.

If they get the go ahead, the flats would be completed by 2015.

Cllr Maureen Byrne said: “I’m extremely concerned that if people are reversing out there’s a genuine safety concern and am disappointed that a review of the plans has not found a solution.”

However, Cllr Robert Everitt retorted: “I find it odd that people imagine pedestrians and car drivers are incapable of missing each other in close proximity.”

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