Diggers start on St Felix Catholic Church in Haverhill

Diggers moved in to the Princess Way site to start work on the building which will be a striking landmark.

Father Michael Teader said: “We are on the way to having the church fit for worship and facilities and a meeting place to share with our neighbours.”

Planning the new church has involved the town’s Catholic community working closely with the site’s neighbours to ensure residents are kept informed and that as little disruption as possible is caused to homes nearby.

Fr Michael said: “We are indebted to hundreds of groups, trusts, religious orders, individuals, councillors and firms who have all donated funds, and especially to the parishioners and committees for their tireless efforts.”

Over a seven-year period, morethan £850,000 has been raised by the congregation and church’s supporters — which is one of the most ethnically diverse in the town.

Priests accommodation had originally been included in the plan, but had to be discarded because of costs.

Fr Michael himself has donated his weekly stipend to the fund, and has been at the church since 2001.

The start of building work was watched by some of St Felix Church’s first congregation members, who came to Haverhill from Ireland in the 1960s.

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AN exciting milestone for worshippers at Haverhill’s St Felix Catholic Church took place on Thursday (May 5), when building work started on the new building they have been raising funds for for the past decade