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Double yellow lines are finally put in place on Haverhill thoroughfare

The new double yellow lines on the Queen street to Tesco walkway in Haverhill
The new double yellow lines on the Queen street to Tesco walkway in Haverhill

A county councillor’s long campaign to get double yellow lines installed on a pedestrian walkway in Haverhill that had become a free car park has finally paid off.

The walkway that leads from Queen Street to Tesco was created as part of the agreements put in place when the supermarket was opened in September 2009.

It was put there to encourage shoppers using Tesco to walk down to the Queen Street shops, but as no yellow lines had been painted on it, the pathway became seen by many as a free parking area and was usually cluttered with vehicles.

At the start of last week though, double yellow lines were painted by Suffolk County Council, something Tony Brown, county councillor for Haverhill East and Kedington has been pushing for ever since he was elected in 2013.

“When I was elected three to four years ago it was one of the things I tried to get done on behalf of Haverhill Town Council and it’s taken over three years to get those lines down.

“They’ve done a good job. They are nice and bright.”

A traffic order banning parking in the walkway has been in place since it was first built, added Cllr Brown, but because it was constructed using block paving, it was felt for a long time that yellow lines would spoil their appearance.

That has now changed, and Cllr Brown said: “Now we are pushing for enforcement because it’s not just the parking issue, it’s an access issue for people with pushchairs or disabled people and we want to improve the thoroughfare for the shops in Queen street.

“It makes it more attractive for people to walk down to Queen Street.”

From April 2019 the responsibility for street parking enforcement will pass from the police to St Edmundsbury Council, but until that goes through Cllr Brown said he wants to see the police out enforcing the restriction.

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