Driver lucky to avoid accident on roundabout

Babraham roundabout ANL-140813-093109001
Babraham roundabout ANL-140813-093109001

A motorist has spoken of the scary moment his car spun out of control on a notorious Cambridgeshire roundabout.

Rob Pestell, 34, an electrician from Cambridge, and his passenger were on their way home from work on Friday (August 8) when the car spun on the Babraham roundabout on the A1307.

This reporter witnessed Mr Pestell’s Vauxhall Omega spin while traversing the roundabout at a low speed.

“I stopped afterwards,” said Mr Pestell. “I thought we’d had a blowout. As soon as I turned the wheel, we spun.

“I skidded sideways and flung the wheel back the other way. We spun round twice. There were lorries everywhere.”

The traffic ground to a halt immediately as drivers braked to avoid the accident.

“I think we were very fortunate,” said Mr Pestell. “If there had been a bike there or something, that could have ended in a fatality. That could have been toast - end of story.”

The roundabout has previously been identified as a concern for motorists after nine cars were reported to have experienced similar accidents in the space of a few hours last month.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council said: “People have wondered whether it’s the camber or spilled oil, whether it’s wet or whether it’s just young, inexperienced drivers having accidents.

“We’ve read about these incidents, but we haven’t had any accidents actually reported to us.

“We’re currently investigating. We’re having a look to see what could be going on.”

Mr Pestell was not sympathetic.

“It’s not good enough,” he added. “It’s dangerous. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like that before. I wasn’t speeding or driving eratically.

“If there’s a problem with the road surface, why haven’t they done something about it?”