Drugs crackdown in play areas is a priority for Haverhill Police

Gary Miller is new police sergeant in Haverhill ENGANL00120130511161105
Gary Miller is new police sergeant in Haverhill ENGANL00120130511161105

A crackdown on drugs being taken in children’s play areas heads the priorities set by the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).

Police priorities for the next three months were voted in by the public at the meeting at Haverhill Arts Centre on Monday.

The main focus will be on reducing drugs use, specially in Wortham Place, the Aeroplane Park, the Recreation Ground and other playground areas after this gained 31 votes.

This priority was also set at the last SNT meeting for the previous three months.

Sergeant Gary Miller of Haverhill Police told the Echo that drugs in public places is always going to be relevant during the summer months when outdoor social activities increase.

“Officers have been dealing with the issue, asking for ID and reassuring the public that we are protecting their children.”

The second priority was to reduce burglaries in dwellings and provide more reassurance through patrols in burglary hotspots. this gained 24 votes.

Sgt Miller said that burglaries had spiked in recent months, especially in the Chalkstone estate.

“We have taken action with high visibility patrols and also plain clothes patrols to observe what is taking place,” he said.

“We have also given people crime prevention advice such as keeping your windows closed and doors locked. It is easy to leave properties insecure during the summer months.”

The third priority which was agreed was to reduce anti social behaviour (ASB) in the area of Ashlea Close, which attracted 20 votes.

The meeting heard that this ASB was due to one house where loud parties are held late at night. The occupants are due to be evicted.

Sgt Miller said the police was working with other agencies, such as housing providers, to eleviate ASB.

“There are measures which can be done such as looking at the layout of the properties or erecting fences, once the problems have been identified,” he said.

“We shall be trying to crack down on all these problems over the next three months.”

Other concerns which were raised at the SNT meeting include: parking on pavements and kerbs, drugs taking in open spaces, dog fouling and litter in general, cycling on pavements, which has worsened since a traffic warden retired, parking on double yellow lines and cars speeding on an industrial estate.