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Echo 25 years ago

ECHO, April 5, 1990


The Echo and the town council joined forces in a bid to improve Haverhill’s image.

A slogan from Haverhill’s Massachusetts namesake was chosen for the project: ‘Haverhill: a town with a heart’.

The slogan appeared on posters, car stickers and signs as part of a drive to lift the town in the eyes of outsiders.

Mayor, Gerry Kiernan, said: “We want to see Haverhill get the image it deserves.

“There are many good things happening and we want people to know about them.

“It deserves to be known as a town with a heart.”


Only substantial rainfalls in the coming months would avert water shortages in the summer, the National Rivers Authority warned.

Underground sources would be worst hit, the cautioned, with Haverhill, which relied on theses sources, likely to be hit by drought.

Experts estimated that at least four inches of rainfall was needed before May to avoid problems.

Water users were warned not to be complacent and to use water sparingly and for non-frivolous reasons.

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