Echoes of the past: 10 years ago


Less than one year after surviving a threat to its business from local surgery changes, the Clements pharmacy in Haverhill faced a new danger from national regulation changes.

David Holland, owner of the pharmacy in Harewood Terrace, said a report suggesting that regulations should be relaxed to allow all pharmacies to dispense NHS prescriptions could put his business at risk.


A 21-year-old woman was left shaken after confronting a burglar at her Haverhill home.

The woman was upstairs in her house at about 10.15pm when she heard a noise downstairs and as she went down the stairs to see what was happening encountered a man halfway down the stairs. He ran off without taking anything.


Haverhill MP Richard Spring said he would be announcing the Speaker of the House of Commons for a debate in Parliament about the possible effects on health and broadcast reception for people living near phone masts.

The move came in the wake of protests from residents living near two proposed sites for phone masts; in Ladygate and on the Parkway estate.