Echoes of the past: 10 years ago

Haverhill Echo: February 6, 2003

A Haverhill couple were left aggrieved after receiving a parking ticket from police at 4.35am on a Sunday for parking their car in a neighbouring street, just weeks after having their car vandalised.

Dawn and Joe Green were upset that a police officer slapped the ticket on her car after she left it on Chalkstone Way upon arriving home late at night from work.

Mrs Green had decided against parking the car in Falcon Close because of the snow and ice that was making it hazardous to negotiate their own street.

Just a few weeks earlier their Peugeot 405 was vandalised opposite their home, but Police said there was nothing they could do about it and the car had to be scrapped after the insurers refused to pay out for damage caused by vandalism.


Haverhill and much of the surrounding area was hit by heavy snowfall that caused misery and mayhem for many.

Some motorists were left stranded on the A1307 overnight after the snow drifted off the field and into the path of traffic.

The Old Red Lion in Horseheath offered hot breakfasts to those who had been stuck in their vehicles overnight.