Electric pool bike scheme sparks interest

Commuters in Cambridge now have the chance to get their hands on the latest electric bicycles available from Travel Plan Plus (TP+) – a project run by the Travel for Work Partnership.

Tony Clayton, Travel Plan Plus Coordinator said: “With more than 170 free loans to date the old bikes proved so popular with users that we have now replaced them with the latest 2012 models.”

The new bikes are part of the successful TP+ Electric Pool Bike Scheme launched in June 2010.

“With a far better motor and lighter components all round the new bikes are proving even more attractive to users.

“Early feed back from users has been excellent and we’re keen to make the bikes available to as many people working in the area as possible,” added Mr Clayton.

Matthew Sarkar, a regular user of the electric pool bike scheme said: ”The bikes offer a convenient way to travel short distances to and from the Science Park with the minimum of fuss.

“Greener than driving, electric bikes are a relaxed alternative to conventional cycling for a lunch time trip into town.”

The bikes have been provided by local company, the Electric Transport Shop.

Jamie McAlley from the Electric Transport Shop said: “We recognise that electric bikes enable commuters to arrive at their destinations refreshed and sweat-free, and to tackle journeys that would normally be beyond their normal cycling range.

“The rising cost of fuel and the health benefits of cycling mean that using an electric cycle is the way forward, literally.”

As well as loans to individuals TP+ is happy to work with local employers in the area to organise electric bike try-out sessions for their staff.

Mr Clayton added: “With many employees short on time the free lunchtime sessions are a great chance for people to experience the benefits of using an electric bike.”

For more information, to book out a bike or if you are an employer interested in running a demonstration event at your workplace e-mail info@travelplanplus.org.uk or call TP+ on 01223 437052.

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