Electricity supplies fully restored in Haverhill town centre

UK Power Networks engineers at work
UK Power Networks engineers at work

The electricity supply is now back to normal in Haverhill town centre after the difficulties of yesterday (Thursday, Feb 27) that saw almost 600 properties experience interruptions to their power.

Customers in the High Street and Queen Street areas of Haverhill suffered power problems at around 12.20pm yesterday (Thursday, February 27), with 598 properties affected.

Customers had intermittent supplies as engineers worked as quickly and as safely as possible returning customers back to power in stages.

Although the Post Office in the High Street closed its doors early after being told its power would not be restored until 6pm, the problems were fixed by 3.42pm.

The problems were caused by two complex faults in the same area underground.

A spokeswoman for UK Power Networks said: “We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this incident.”