Flying Dutchmen scooter through Sturmer

eccentric costumes on the Carbage run ANL-140826-163040001
eccentric costumes on the Carbage run ANL-140826-163040001

A group of Dutch scooter enthusiasts descended on a Sturmer garden centre on their way to Edinburgh.

Sturmer Nurseries, just outside Haverhill, welcomed the outlandish entourage as they passed through the area on Monday, August 25.

About 400 people took part in the annual Carbage Run, which sees scooter bound adventurers travelling in convoy to a difficult to reach destination, completing challenges along the way.

This year, the final destination is Edinburgh. Participants arrived in Harwich before heading north, through Haverhill and along the A1307.

“They were a group of Dutch eccentrics,” said Robert Mason, 46, owner of Sturmer Nurseries. “The weather wasn’t great for them and some of them came in looking for shelter and something hot to eat.

“They organise a huge run every year. Last year, they rode to the Czech Republic.

“They came over on the ferry to Harwich and they’ll be sailing back from somewhere up north once they’ve reached Edinburgh.

“Obviously, being on small mopeds and scooters, they can’t use the motorways and have to take their time on the back roads.

“They camp out every night and have a good time. All the scooters are attired in unique ways. Some had bottles of whisky attached to them. Some of the riders were wearing table cloths to keep them dry.

“There was one woman who said she was dressed as a ladybird. Her husband was decorated with Delft tiles.

“There were definitely some eccentric costumes.

“I think we were the first place they got to that was serving hot food.

“They do challenges. They said that, last year, one of the things they were challenged to do was to find the fattest German man they could and to persuade him to accompany them on the journey.”

One of the challenges the group faced was to photograph a British bulldog along the route.

“We’ve got a statue of a dog at the garden centre, added Mr Mason. “They took a photo of that. I don’t know whether that counts.

“I think it was a bit wet for them. I hope the weather gets better for them as the go along.”