French firm buys Wychem in Stradishall

French firm Isochem has acquired fine chemicals company Wychem, which is based in Stradishall, and employs around 20 people from the Haverhill area

Wychem started in 1968 manufacturing speciality organic chemicals and has managed to keep its head above water despite the difficult world recession that has faced small manufacturing firms.

Works manager Dr Neil Dickinson said: “Despite its modest size and facilities, Wychem has a particularly loyal workforce and a very low turnover of employees; quite a number having started work straight from school or university and most having worked for the firm for over 20 years.

“The majority of products are exported to continental Europe or Japan in particular. Products find uses in a wide area, but particularly in connection with the trial and manufacture of new pharmaceutical products by the major pharmaceutical companies.

“In this connection, two current major products are being used to manufacture drugs for piloting new treatments for diabetes, but we manufacture other products that are used in the electronics and motor industries to name just two more areas.

“We look forward to an interesting and fruitful future as part of the Isochem group where we can benefit each other.